Sou’Wester Embraces “The Champagne Of Beers”

What is happening here?

Is that really Miller High Life?

Yes, it IS the beloved MHL. This past weekend, The Mrs. and I joined some friends at Sou’Wester over in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (OOOOOO, FANCY!). The restaurant boasts a unique menu and a solid craft beer list. Neglected to snag a pic but I do know Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, Anchor Porter, Ommegang Hennepin, and PBR! (served in cans only) made the list. And then there was the MHL…

Maitre d’ approaches with two champagne flutes, white towel draped over his arm. Bus Boy One follows with the standing ice bucket. Bus Boy Two has two bottles. After presenting the flutes, the maitre d’ cracks the tops of each bottle and presents a sample to each of the diners for approval. A nod, a fill, the bottles go to the corner of the dining room to chill in the standing bucket. Sipped at one’s leisure during the meal.

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The four of us asked how seriously this is taken. Maitre d’ says, “we are extremely serious,” while grinning like a frat boy.

The former sommelier had an affinity for this college staple more as a joke than as something to knock back regularly. This inspired not only the brew’s addition to the beer list, but with the catch that it should be served appropriately. It’s “The Champagne of Beers” afterall.

The food’s pretty good, too.


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