Our New Home


For the last 5 months we’ve been operating under pretty lame conditions here at WordPress.

The creator/proprietor of this blog had his IP address and all subsequent accounts banned by WP due to a recognition failure within WP. All attempts at contacting ANY support fell on deaf ears. The more we all tried, the worse things got.

So, we’ve moved over to tumblr. our new home is thepintglass.tumblr.com.

While it’s a bit empty now, we’re working on that. Anyone out there who can help with content transfer APIs, feel free to speak up in the comments.

Here’s to a brighter future.



Beer Review – Abita Harvest Lager

Springtime on the bayou. It must mean the strawberries are ready.

Watch for gators…

Beer Review – Schneiderweisse

Oh, Bavaria, how great it is to find you at World market.

Trip Del Mexico

Derek regales us with his drinking excursion south of the border, and John does everything he can to not drop some lame Dos Equis joke. 

The 4 Loko Experiment

This post was written by EIC Derek. It’s what happens when you have three independent alcohols, the desire to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France, and the sheer force of will.
At first I was skeptical. Then I saw the pics. I both condemn AND condone the events that took place.


Beer Review – Red Oak Lager

I had driven past the brewery many times while on I-85. I had looked high and wide (when in North Carolina) for the beer. Then one day, last Wednesday to be specific, a 12 of it appeared in my house.

DC Brau Debuts At Meridian Pint

Gentlemen…we’re history…..