Our New Home


For the last 5 months we’ve been operating under pretty lame conditions here at WordPress.

The creator/proprietor of this blog had his IP address and all subsequent accounts banned by WP due to a recognition failure within WP. All attempts at contacting ANY support fell on deaf ears. The more we all tried, the worse things got.

So, we’ve moved over to tumblr. our new home is thepintglass.tumblr.com.

While it’s a bit empty now, we’re working on that. Anyone out there who can help with content transfer APIs, feel free to speak up in the comments.

Here’s to a brighter future.




Want to help get this work of art printed as a poster? Want to show guests to your home what is the GOOD beer of the United States? You can! Head over to Kickstarter and pledge to make this dream a reality.

Originally published as this map in the Houston Chronicle, the people at GOOD decided to make a map showing what’s good from each state, not what’s just nationally recognizable.

Help make this GOOD dream a reality.

Honey Ale: Home Brewing At The White House

We try our best to avoid discussing anything political ’round here. The only arguments we’re willing to endure are those about the overuse of hops, levels of fruit in beer, and whether or not Coors Light actually IS beer.

Seriously, what IS that stuff?

Personal Beer Robot, or, How One College Kid Will Buy And Sell Us All

The quick and diry, so we can get to the video.