Our New Home


For the last 5 months we’ve been operating under pretty lame conditions here at WordPress.

The creator/proprietor of this blog had his IP address and all subsequent accounts banned by WP due to a recognition failure within WP. All attempts at contacting ANY support fell on deaf ears. The more we all tried, the worse things got.

So, we’ve moved over to tumblr. our new home is thepintglass.tumblr.com.

While it’s a bit empty now, we’re working on that. Anyone out there who can help with content transfer APIs, feel free to speak up in the comments.

Here’s to a brighter future.



Sou’Wester Embraces “The Champagne Of Beers”

What is happening here?

Is that really Miller High Life?

American Craft Beer Week – DC Brau at Smith Commons

Thursday, May 19, was billed as “No Fermentation Without Representation!” night at Smith Commons. DC Brau founders Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock debuted their Corruption IPA and took a few minutes from meeting the masses to talk about their long-yet-rewarding journey to being DC’s first production brewery in a generation.

I’d like to thank NHK for the light, and the Red Sox for distracting everyone from Brandon and Jeff. Enjoy the video.

American Craft Beer Week at Smith Commons

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrr…….

American Craft Beer Week is upon us. Fifty states, and The District, will feature special tastings and events throughout the week.  Smith Commons will be hosting DC’s celebration. Each event next week will spotlight a different American craft brewer and feature a different local tie-in.

Now, I could sit here and just rehash the schedule but that wouldn’t be much fun. Go check out CraftBeer.com’s ACBW section. And while you’re on the SC site, check the menu. You’ll be happy you did.

Ok, I’ll give a hint. You’ll be able to drink from Cleveland, Kalamazoo, Lyons, Milton, and DC itself. There might even be a surprise or two.

Reservations will be needed for event-specific enjoyment on Wednesday and Saturday.

On Twitter? Use the #ACBW hashtag to follow events all over the US. City by city calendar here.


The 4 Loko Experiment

This post was written by EIC Derek. It’s what happens when you have three independent alcohols, the desire to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France, and the sheer force of will.
At first I was skeptical. Then I saw the pics. I both condemn AND condone the events that took place.


DC Brau Debuts At Meridian Pint

Gentlemen…we’re history…..

St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl

EIC Derek participated in the St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl through Astoria. Here’s what he remembers from the pictures he took.

Crawl?! I can barely even walk!!