Friday Drinkin’ Music – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”

We endorse all three!

Here’s George Thorogood and the Deleware Destroyers.



Don’t you love when ideas collide so amazingly? This shirt is for sale on for a mere $19. And it’s genius.

Stick-Tap to DC Sports Bog for finding this and improving the quality of life for today.

St. Patrick’s Day PSA: The 15 Drunkest States

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

In honor of this fine holiday, another PSA.

We give you the 15 states that lead the nation in binge drinking. The list is a bit surprising.

Sláinte!….and be safe out there today.

Friday Drinkin’ Music – Irish Party

Getting into the St. Patrick’s Day festivities a bit early.

“Shakey” brings us this fun loving tune to getus in a dancing and drinking spirit. Bless this man

Stick-Tap to Derek</em.

Friday Drinkin’ Music: Whiskey Will

We bring you an unnecessarily long clip for a 2min long song. Here’s a tune lamenting life’s choices over a bottle of whiskey.

From Boston, we give you Dahkbustah.

Friday Drinkin’ Music – “Thick Ass Stout”

This came up on my playlist recently. Low on lyrics, heavy on groove, with amazing flow….just like a pint of thick ass stout. Here’s Skankin’ Pickle.