American Craft Beer Week – DC Brau at Smith Commons

Thursday, May 19, was billed as “No Fermentation Without Representation!” night at Smith Commons. DC Brau founders Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock debuted their Corruption IPA and took a few minutes from meeting the masses to talk about their long-yet-rewarding journey to being DC’s first production brewery in a generation.

I’d like to thank NHK for the light, and the Red Sox for distracting everyone from Brandon and Jeff. Enjoy the video.


DC Brau Debuts At Meridian Pint

Gentlemen…we’re history…..

Why Yes, It IS Great! The H Street Festival

DC is not what I’d call a boring or static town. Northeast DC is overnight-dynamic, and every September H Street celebrates that fact. This year’s H Street Festival was a showcase of the food, drink, events, and music that are here and a preview of what’s coming.

For a neighborhood full of bars that take pride in their cross-sections of American craft beer, organizers brought in PBR as their major beverage sponsor. The 14th St music stage was a collective effort between PBR and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel. Why does that make sense? It’s the backbone of H Street’s bohemian population. Frederick, Maryland powerhouse Flying Dog added the brews for many of the restaurants’ sidewalk patios.

Take a Walk Down The Street…